Vision / Mission

Since its expansion in the U.S., JMP has been working with numerous engine and repair companies manufacturing whole pumps or parts under the direction of engineers looking for the quality expected of the pumps to be used on the engines they manufacture or repair.

JMP offers their experience in the R&D department to bring out new pumps for engine manufacturers. JMP offers a niche market in the parts supply for older pumps. They include Shafts, Cams, Mechanical Seals, Bearings, Gaskets, O-Rings, Cover Plates etc.

JMP welcomes all engine manufacturing companies to come and talk to us for their Pump and Impeller needs. We’ll be happy to sit and work with you on designs of new pumps for the performance you need. We’d also be happy to work with Marine Parts Suppliers to manufacture parts needed for their distribution to their suppliers.

Main Customers

  • Oil Recovery System–VIKOMA International Ltd in U.K
  • Korean Navy, Coast Guard, Customs
  • Overseas’ Distributors

Asia : Japan , Australia, China, New Zealand, Singapore, Sri-Lanka, Taiwan, China, Indonesia
Middle East–Dubai, Egypt, Israel, Qatar, Yemen, South Africa

Europe : Greece, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, U.K
N/S America–USA, Chile, Venezuela